Deborah Shapiro

My Philosophy:
I have two core mottos...


My philosophy revolves around my two core mottos:

Motto #1

1. Creating revenue out of thin air. Whenever tasked with a new responsibility or put at the head of a new organization, my first step is to assess the situation. I get to know the players, learn how things run and what is making the team money. Then I look for the leftovers…the talents or projects that are in use but not being used to their full potential… and I monetize them. It is amazing what you can unlock when you assess the full potential of a team, which brings me to my second motto…

Motto #2

2. Don’t make the best with what you have. Turn what you have into the best. I believe in investing in people. Team members were hired for a reason, so there is potential within. Everyone has personal goals and everyone has hidden talents; and if you can align an employee’s goals with the corporate goals, then everyone wins. Treat your team with respect, listen and learn from each other, grow together and you will end up with a talented core team that can accomplish anything.

My greatest skill:
I am the team glue.

Leadership & Development

Inefficiencies at work stem from self-doubt and lack of responsibility. Empowering and trusting your team members is not only healthy for a team, but develops new leaders.

Team Development & Training

I have developed team exercises and tactics that keep team members engaged, productive, and most importantly happy.

Community Outreach

Event planning, sponsorship services, and content marketing are all aspects of Community Outreach. The events and connections I have established for brands have increased market shares.

Brand Development

I’ve been called the “brand whisperer.” I come alive when I develop the core values of a brand and figure out the best way for them to connect to their audience. The Brand Connection Guides I have developed have had large ROI for clients.

Marketing Strategy

Even the best brands can start to sag if they do not keep differentiating. I am always thinking of the next step for you.

Campaign Management

The campaigns I create and manage bring results. I have raised millions of dollars, sold thousands of products and created wide brand awareness for companies all through digital and print advertising campaigns.

A Foundation of Excellence:

Work Experience

Your Strategists
2017 - PRESENT

Principal Partner

Primary Goal: Success for my clients and success for my team.

Major Responsibilities:

 Co-developed and run The 2% System SaaS Human Resources product
 Marketing strategy lead – significant increases in clients sales and media placements
 Oversee client acquisition and strategy deployment – 75% collective increase of client’s managed media
 Non-profit event, social media and web strategy lead – increased non-profit client donations by 150%
 Principal career counselor and company spokesperson/influencer
 Oversee daily operations; lead employees and establish policies that promote company culture and vision

Kosher Network International
2016 - 2019

Vice President of Marketing & Operations

Results: Brought in over $650k in new business. Dramatically increased digital media growth. Monetized owned content by creating a subscription meal plan service.

Major Responsibilities:

 Managed all business development.
 Ran merchandising consulting division. Clients include: Southeastern Grocers and The Fresh Market
 Managed website with community of over 400k unique visitors and 1.5M page views monthly. – YOY Statistics: 107% increase in organic search results, 61% increase in users
 Oversaw editorial and strategy for social media (200k+ followers) – YOY Statistics: 93% increase engagements, 40% increase in followers
 Oversaw editorial and strategy for video – 800k+ views monthly on multiple channels
 Oversaw email strategy and growth for 100k+ subscribers – YOY Statistics: 110% increase in subscribers
 Developed Fresh Families revenue meal plan concept and strategy which monetized owned content
 Created celebrity PR strategy – two Today Show bookings within the first year

Southeastern Grocers
2015 - 2016

Director of Marketing

Results: Created large-scale marketing programs resulting in increased sales and over $3m in charitable donations.

Major Responsibilities:

 Led all marketing campaigns pertaining to top business initiatives. Created:
– All for Honor: July 4th Wounded Warrior Project campaign – resulting in $3M+ donation
– Celebrity Chef Curtis Stone: meal plan recipe promo strategy – resulting in double digit sales growth
 Developed/coordinated creative execution – including TV, digital, radio, signage and PR
 Activated and negotiated Sports, Culinary and Celebrity sponsorships and partnerships.
– in-game programming, in-store promotions, ticketing contests, and digital advertising
– teams include: NFL Saints, FSU, Univ. of Florida, Clemson, Alabama, South Carolina; $4M budget

Southeastern Grocers
2012 - 2015

Loyalty & Digital Sales & Marketing Manager

Results: Strengthened existing loyalty programming and created new loyalty opportunities bringing in over $30M in incremental sales yearly.

Major Responsibilities:

 Developed and implemented loyalty-based customer and associate rewards programming at banner, region and store levels. Including: Senior Discount, Military Rewards and Baby Club
 Director of fuelperks fuel rewards program connecting 800 grocery stores to gas stations in 8 states
 Managed all personalized coupons. Including: eCoupons, targeted coupon in-store kiosks, Catalina coupon printers, and direct mail coupons. Coupon efforts resulted in 10% basket size increase
 Digital marketing: Created and executed strategies in App and web development, targeted e-mail, online ad circular, display advertising and social media marketing
– Created app and web portal launch resulting in over 100,000 users within the first week
– Created weekly digital ad email marketing process resulting in 25% increase in open rate
 Created large-scale customer-facing sales campaigns that utilize the loyalty card resulting in dramatic sales increases. Ex: Bonus fuelperks Dollar Tank Club Challenge, Great Grocery Giveaway Sweepstakes
 Organized loyalty coupon direct mailing – resulting in more than $27.2 million in incremental sales yearly

Southeastern Grocers
2006 - 2012

Local Business & Specialty Foods Category Manager

Results: Consistently brought over double digit growth to owned categories.

Major Responsibilities:

 Managed International Foods controlling products and merchandising – resulting in 150% category growth
 Lead overall relationship and negotiated multi-million-dollar contract with KeHE Specialty Food Distributor
 Created strategy and physical layout for in-store Kosher Deli and Bakery programs – resulting in 47% same store year over year sales increase
 Developed holiday programing: products, pricing, training, and execution – resulting in over 10% yearly growth

Daymon Worldwide
2005 - 2006

Packaging Specialist

Results: Eye catching private label designs and new product launches.

Major Responsibilities:

 Coordinated label production, quality assurance and product launch of Corporate Branded grocery items
 Created advertising programs for Corporate Branded items

2004 - 2005

Marketing Specialist

Results: New content creation and promotional materials development.

Major Responsibilities:

 Wrote all marketing collateral for four brands of software
 Designed presentations for software developers
 Developed logo-printed items for events
 Maintained content on Intranet and external website

2002 - 2004

Marketing Coordinator — PR and Sales Department

Results: RFP responses resulted in large-scale corporate contracts.

Major Responsibilities:

 Wrote and coordinated large-scale Request for Proposal responses
 Created and edited Corporate Communications
 Coordinated and planned client and prospect site visits
 Developed/ launched new merchant Web site for CitiStreet Shoppe
 Created company-wide style guide
 Brainstormed/produced associate appreciation events

2001 - 2002

Content Planner/Editor

Results: Populated Digital City content to create the first digital local listings.

Major Responsibilities:

 Contacted and worked with theatrical press agents for coverage of various touring productions
 Was responsible for research, organization, and updates of national touring event schedules and web postings
 Organized, edited, wrote, and uploaded descriptions for multiple events, venues and theatrical performances
 Researched, organized, and uploaded all movies for the Movie Feature page (Digital City)

Eagle Publishing
1999 - 2000

Managing Editor, Eagle Book Clubs

Results: Increased monthly book sales with catalog organization and management.

Major Responsibilities:

 Created club direct mail marketing packages
 Purchased and managed books in three mail-order clubs
 Produced monthly club catalogs
 Facilitated in production of in-house book publications
 Developed contracts and purchase orders for acquired books


University of South Florida
2012 - 2015


Concentrations in Marketing & Information Systems Management
Florida State University
1995 - 1998


English Literature Major & Drama Minor
Women Unlimited
2011 - 2012

LEAD Woman's Leadership Program

A 12-month leadership development program which included twelve workshops, on-the-job assignments and mentoring
George Washington University
1999 - 2000

Publication Specialist and Professional Editing Graduate Programs

Completed two graduate programs developing proficiency in demographic marketing, writing, editing, graphic design, and publication production coordination

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